Jasore Group, LLC is a strategic management consulting firm with over 25 years of experience across multiple industries in the industrial manufacturing and B2B industries.  Our expertise focuses on key strategic levers in the commercial area that have the biggest impact on profitability. 

Our management team has extensive hands-on experience, having held a variety of roles in global organizations, including Global Industry Team Manager, Business Development Manager, Global Account Team Leader, Global Pricing Manager, Project Manager and Small Business Owner.  The knowledge, insight and maturity gleaned from this combination of experiences uniquely positions us to help guide today’s businesses through the plethora of available strategic choices.  

Mission Statement
Provide expert level consulting services that help our clients achieve their growth and profitability goals.

Maintain an intimate connection with our clients’ needs through frequent, ongoing communication, and be responsive to those needs in a manner that delivers results that exceed expectations.

Make expert level strategic management consulting services available to all businesses, especially those that traditionally don’t have the resources to acquire them.


Associations and Certifications