Few things are more costly than pursuing the wrong opportunities in the wrong markets

  Market Research is the science of identifying the right customers in the right markets at the right time.  Investing in credible, reliable research on the front end usually leads to smoother product development and sales execution on the back end.  

Good research entails identifying broad markets that are likely to receive value from your offerings.  Those markets are then divided into niches and prioritized based on which ones reap the most value, and by how the demographics and psychographics of prospective customers match your company communication and delivery methods.

This all makes sure you’re cutting the right trees in the right forest.


Questions that lead to reliable, actionable Market Research

  • How big is the market?
  • What are the macro and micro trends?
  • What is the market growth stage?
  • What is the market forecast?
  • What is market structure?
  • What is the general business environment?
  • What are the key niches?
  • Which are the key players?
  • What factors drive the buying decision?
  • How are buying decisions typically made?
  • What is the distribution channels?