Tool Regrinding

Save up to 80% on tool replacement costs by regrinding used tools instead of replacing them.  We regrind high performance drill points, variable helix end mills, step drills, counter bores, step reamers and all standard carbide cutting tools to their original specifications.  Includes tool recoating with TiN, TiCN TiALN, among others.

New Tool Manufacturing

Need new tools?  We manufacture standard and custom tools to user specifications. Includes round carbide form tools, special step reamers, special step drills, J-Grooves, Christmas trees, serrators and others. Our process uses premium quality sub-micron grain carbide rods with cobalt content.


We use proven subtractive manufacturing techniques to machine parts and components to user specifications.  We’re capable of machining a wide variety of parts, so contact us and let us know your requirements.  


Through licensed distribution agreements with large global manufacturers, we are able to provide a broad array of tooling components, including parts used in drilling, milling, threading, reaming, turning, cutting, and various MRO supplies.