Through our Strategic Alliance Connection, we facilitate the joining of forces of small minority-owned businesses for the purpose of expanding overall capabilities and expertise in pursuit of larger, more profitable business opportunities.

Alliance Facilitation

We facilitate the identification, creation and execution of strategic alliances based around qualified opportunities.  We help alliance members find each other and create win-win partnerships. 

Partner Vetting

We vet all potential alliance partners on three fronts: to verify minority ownership status; to confirm capabilities, and to confirm capacity.  We do this to ensure that strategic alliances formed are viable, productive and capable of executing on contracts.


We take the lead in facilitating negotiations among alliance members.  It begins with confirming appropriate matches between alliance members.  We also help set up alliance structures and terms, including operational responsibilities and profit sharing.  

Execution Management

To allow alliance partners to focus on their respective core competencies, we can assume the role of actively managing strategic alliances.  This covers all aspects of alliances, from opportunity identification to successful completion of projects.